Tapping into new talent pools is a top priority for BC employers with the Province poised to be among Canada’s leaders in economic growth in the coming decade. Baby boomers are retiring, fewer young people are entering the workforce, and yet our demand for more skilled workers across all sectors and professions continues to grow. Many employers find themselves confronting an unprecedented labour shortage — affecting their capacity, their growth, and hindering their competitiveness.

The most successful companies have started developing strategies for engaging non-traditional skilled talent pools including aboriginal communities, candidates with disabilities, recent immigrants, women, youth and older workers, and more.

About our MC

– Kristin Bower –

Kristin brings her two decades of human resources and diversity and inclusion experience to a wide variety of clients through her consulting business, Kristin Bower Consulting.

Kristin is a frequent speaker at conferences and in workplaces on the topics of diversity and inclusion, workplace culture and mental health and has been a frequent collaborator with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Conference Board of Canada. Her writing has been published in PeopleTalk and Visions magazines and the Good Money blog, among other publications, and she has been featured in the Globe and Mail and on CBC Radio and Roundhouse Radio. An outspoken advocate for deeper awareness of mental health issues, she also writes a blog called Adventures of a Survivor where she shares her personal experiences with mental illness and often includes posts with a human resources and inclusion perspective.

Previously recognized with an UnTapped Award, Kristin has led work in the areas of diversity & inclusion strategy development, intercultural competency and unconscious bias training, workplace culture, Reconciliation and Indigenous history, disability and inclusive employment programs and mental health awareness and training and worked in industries as wide ranging as hospitality to finance. She has studied Human Resources Management at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Diversity & Inclusion at the University of British Columbia.

Kristin chooses curiosity over judgement and is committed to helping organizations foster psychologically safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces.

“As a growing business, finding talent is key to the success of our business, and far more importantly, the satisfaction of our customers. This is something we’re committed to at Fresh Start and it’s an absolutely integral part of our success.” Thomas Goodall

President , Fresh Start Recycling & Disposal Ltd.

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