Tapping into new talent pools is a top priority for BC employers with the Province poised to be among Canada’s leaders in economic growth in the coming decade. Baby boomers are retiring, fewer young people are entering the workforce, and yet our demand for more skilled workers across all sectors and professions continues to grow. Many employers find themselves confronting an unprecedented labour shortage — affecting their capacity, their growth, and hindering their competitiveness.

The most successful companies have started developing strategies for engaging non-traditional skilled talent pools including aboriginal communities, candidates with disabilities, recent immigrants, women, youth and older workers, and more.

UnTapped is an annual campaign that celebrates BC Businesses and individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces. The campaign begins on December 3, 2019 and culminates with a Gala event on April 9, 2020 in Vancouver, B.C.

In its 8th year, UnTapped 2020 will focus on inclusion of persons with disabilities. Between December 3 and February 14, nominations are open to recognize businesses of all sectors and sizes. Approved nominees are featured through a social media campaign showcasing these different businesses and specific examples of how they are moving towards being inclusive employers. In the months leading up to the gala, webinars will take place featuring experts and advocates on inclusion in the workplace. The webinars will provide attendees – businesses and community agencies across the province – tangible knowledge on how they can become an inclusive workplace and tap into this talent pool. Finally, on September 17th during B.C. Disability Employment Month, over 200 people will gather at UBC’s Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre to celebrate the individuals and businesses who have shown demonstrated leadership, impact and innovation in being inclusion champions in the workplace and community.


About our Keynote

– Bif Naked –

Bif Naked is a celebrated and notorious performer in music, TV, film, and dance, and a tireless advocate and Humanitarian. Orphaned in India, emancipated by punk rock, and empowered by surviving breast cancer, kidney failure, heart surgery, divorce, and surviving as a woman in the entertainment industry for twenty-five years, Bif has transcended any and all obstacles placed in her path to become one of the world’s most unique, recognizable and beloved icons. It is because Bif is such a tremendous performer and musician, that she is able to seamlessly and successfully explore and record other mediums, like writing, painting, choreography, and of course- other genres of music. When asked about what her favourite pastimes are, she has only one answer: “Living Loudly.”

In 2016, her memoirs, titled, “I, Bificus” were published by Harper Collins and Bif enshrouded her book readings into a three-hour stage show, “Bif Naked Songs and Stories” toured nationally, across Canada, three different times selling out in every city. After her performances, Bif spent hours selling-and-signing her books for the audiences. Bif continues to perform and do book readings from her memoir, which is a Canadian “best-seller”. When asked about her famous optimism, Bif shares that she believes in everyone’s ability to move forward, taking care of each other, and getting stronger together.

Remarkably, Bif recorded a full-length studio record, “The Promise”, a candid look at her journey through breast cancer, and an album Bif Naked made while in chemo and radiation treatments. Bif continues to advocate for other patients, though she is now officially a “Cancer Survivor”. Since that time, she has remained committed to her relentless schedule, including having proudly sat on the City of Vancouver’s Women’s Advisory Committee, volunteering weekly with vulnerable people who ask for her and writing a blog for the Huffington Post. Bif Naked was a contributing writer to The Globe & Mail’s Health columns, and has her poetry read and published frequently.

Bif’s work as a public speaker has taken her to conferences centred around a wide variety of topics, including women’s empowerment, wellness, social justice, anti-poverty activism, and navigating cancer. Bif was also involved in Raise the Rates, a British Columbia coalition of anti-poverty and housing advocates, and participated in the annual Welfare Food Challenge to raise awareness about the unacceptable, small amounts of assistance that welfare recipients receive, by eating only what a person’s budget would be on social assistance, in solidarity with these vulnerable populations. Bif said, “it was socio-politically important” to her, and continues to fight injustice by using her voice. Bif’s adoptive parents were American Civil Rights Activists in the 60s, and raised her to have a Freedom Fighter mentality, and stand up for others, along with her two sisters.

An unforgettable woman, performer, advocate and activist, and having received an honorary doctorate from the University of The Fraser Valley, a Doctor too, Bif Naked leaves everyone feeling like they can accomplish anything, and that she will help them do it.

About our MC

– Kristin Bower –

Kristin brings her two decades of human resources and diversity and inclusion experience to a wide variety of clients through her consulting business, Kristin Bower Consulting.

Kristin is a frequent speaker at conferences and in workplaces on the topics of diversity and inclusion, workplace culture and mental health and has been a frequent collaborator with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Conference Board of Canada. Her writing has been published in PeopleTalk and Visions magazines and the Good Money blog, among other publications, and she has been featured in the Globe and Mail and on CBC Radio and Roundhouse Radio. An outspoken advocate for deeper awareness of mental health issues, she also writes a blog called Adventures of a Survivor where she shares her personal experiences with mental illness and often includes posts with a human resources and inclusion perspective.

Previously recognized with an UnTapped Award, Kristin has led work in the areas of diversity & inclusion strategy development, intercultural competency and unconscious bias training, workplace culture, Reconciliation and Indigenous history, disability and inclusive employment programs and mental health awareness and training and worked in industries as wide ranging as hospitality to finance. She has studied Human Resources Management at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Diversity & Inclusion at the University of British Columbia.

Kristin chooses curiosity over judgement and is committed to helping organizations foster psychologically safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces.

“As a growing business, finding talent is key to the success of our business, and far more importantly, the satisfaction of our customers. This is something we’re committed to at Fresh Start and it’s an absolutely integral part of our success.”
Thomas Goodall

President , Fresh Start Recycling & Disposal Ltd.

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